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Virus and Spyware Removal

Viruses pose a real threat to PC users of all types and sizes, particularly those who send and receive email. We regularly see PC’s infected with viruses of one type or other. There are literally tens of thousands of viruses in the ‘wild’, with new ones appearing all the time. It is impossible to expect even the best anti-virus software to catch every virus, every time. Some will slip through. 

There are several names for virus, spyware, malware, Trojans, Financial Trojans, Rootkit Viruses etc.  Whatever they are called they all do essentially the same thing - harm your computer and steal your personal information.  

Who writes viruses? 

The idea that viruses are written by lonely, geeky youths in their bedroom as experiments in advanced programming has long since been false.  Most are now written by criminals seeking to gain access to personal financial data, credit card accounts, bank accounts etc. so that they can steal money from you.  Others are designed to create BotNets, groups of hundreds of computers, secretly linked together, that can be used for sending junk email to get around Junk Mail Filters etc.  Finally, some are simply malicious, designed to cause havoc by damaging PCs and disrupting a country's economy success. 

How can I be infected? 

Many are distributed as attachments to an email and infect your PC if you open the attachment.  Some are attached secretly to websites and infect your PC if you visit them.  Many are attached to music, video or software which are illegally downloaded via Peer to Peer networks. 

How can I get rid of a virus? 

We have built up extensive experience in detecting and removing viruses over the years. We can help you protect your PC or network by supplying and installing anti-virus software (typically Bullguard), removing viruses etc. and advising on long term protection. Virus removal has become one of the principle strands of our business. 

Virus removal is best done in our workshop as we run a number of removal tools, which can take many hours. Occasionally, the only practical way of removing a virus and correcting the damage it has done is to completely wipe the hard drive and reload Windows from scratch.  We will do our best to backup up your data but cannot guarantee that all will be protected - it is important, therefore, that you you backup important documents, photos or music etc. regularly.

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We monitor and test every major anti-virus package to find the best at detecting and removing viruses. Manufacturers seem to play a game of ‘leap frog’, releasing new products which leapfrog their competitors in terms of capability. Our recommendations change as we test new versions of software.  We currently recommend Bullguard Anti-virus or Bullguard Internet Security.   

Some words of warning! 

There are two sorts of Anti-virus product - basic Anti-virus or Internet Security.  The first just protects you against viruses and spyware and the second is more powerful, protecting you from hacking and other threats, as well as viruses and spyware.  In an ideal world everyone would run the more powerful Internet Security versions.  However, these products are more demanding on your system resources and are not suitable for everyone.   We would not recommend them in an office environment where you run a network as they can block access to other PCs on the network.  Because they can be so demanding of system resources they can slow your PC down significantly.  We have seen them bring older PCs to a complete standstill!  Only install Internet Security versions if you have a modern, fast PC.  Otherwise install the more basic Anti-virus version.

Do not install two anti-virus packages at the same time, they will interfere with each other and slow your PC down dramatically!

The old saying 'you get what you pay for' applies to anti-virus products.  The free anti-virus packages are OK and offer a basic level of protection but are not as effective as the paid for versions.

Anti-virus packages are as only as good as what they know about and can only give you 90% protection.  All packages can get caught out by new viruses.  You still need to take care when on the Internet - take care of what you download, what sites you visit and what emails you open.

If you think you have a virus please ring us on 07442 491921...

Not only can we remove viruses and advise you how to avoid them in the future, we can help you set-up your email system to help you avoid SPAM (unwanted e-mail) and Window pop-ups.

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