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Remote Support... 


Using powerful Internet based software we can remotely control your PC just as if we were sitting at it.  It is quick, simple and enables us to solve a wide variety of software related problems.  We can use either LogMeIn or TeamViewer, both excellent remote access packages.


Support via Logmein

1. Please telephone us on 07442 491921 to request a session.


2. Then when prompted click below to launch....

Remote PC Technical Support in Bristol

When prompted, select click 'Save' and then click 'Run' and click OK or Allow whenever prompted.


If you have TeamViewer installed you can use that instead of LogMeInRescue - simply ring 07442 491921 and give us your TeamViewer ID and Password


You can download TeamViewer free of charge from here


We offer two levels of service:-

One Off Support Session at £17.50 + VAT per 15 mins - min charge (£17.50 + VAT)

Annual Service Contract: Gives you a FREE PC on-line Health Check, up to 2 hours on-line support during the year and
all the necessary software you need to enable the service - £99.99 + VAT.

We take VISA, Mastercard or Amex

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The benefits...

We can check your system quickly, often while you are on the telephone, and resolve many software related problems immediately.

 We can do basic PC Health Checks on-line

It can work out cheaper than an on-site visit.

It may help diagnose hardware faults (providing we can log on, obviously)

The limitations...


You have to be on Broadband (and get a reasonable speed).

We have to be able to connect to your PC via the Internet. If there is a hardware fault or an Internet connection problem we will have to arrange an on-site call, as normal.

Depending on the problem you may have to be sat at the PC to put CD Rom (e.g. Windows CD) in the CD Rom drive etc., although much of the work can be done unattended.

If you have a virus, or similar, then repairs are often better carried on in our workshop where we have access to a wide range of tools.



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